Steering Sensor Adjustment

Make sure the hand brake is on, then jack the front of the car up and support it on axle stands. With both front wheels are of the ground and the car in neutral start the engine. If the steering wheel turns on its own, or with a little push keeps turning in that direction until it reaches full lock then the steering sensor requires calibration. This is done as follows.

  1. With the ignition off, using a 13mm open ended spanner disconnect the - battery terminal clamp.
  2. With a flat bladed screwdriver remove the fuse box access panel below the steering wheel.
  3. With a 10mm hex socket unscrew the 2 nuts securing the fuse box
  4. Carefully lower the fuse box and allow it to hang on its cables.
  5. With a 8mm hex socket unscrew the 2 bolts securing the metal relay panel.
  6. Carefully pull the metal relay panel out of the way and allow it to hang on its cables.

  1. Locate the steering sensor connector, this will be clipped to the right hand side of the steering column
  2. Disconnect the steering sensor connector, it may be necessary to use a small flat bladed screwdriver to release the securing clip.

  1. Using a T25 tamper proof torx driver unscrew the 2 torx screws securing the steering sensor cover and P clip then remove the cover.
  2. With the T25 torx driver remove ONLY the bottom steering sensor screw.
  3. With a small flat bladed screwdriver dig out the amber locking glue.
  4. Replace the bottom torx screw and tighten.
  5. Repeat this procedure for the top steering sensor screw.

  1. Above is the glue removed from the sensor.

  1. Make some test leads up with small female spade connectors on the end
  2. Connect the test leads to the steering sensor plug (this is the one connector that comes directly from the steering sensor).
  3. Connect a multi meter set to read in DC millivolts to the green and yellow wires.
  4. Connect a DC power supply to the red and black wires. Red = positive, Black = negative.

  1. Ensure the DC power supply is set to 5 volts.


  1. With the steering set at approximately straight and not being held measure the voltage across the green and yellow wires.

  1. Loosen but do not remove the two torx screws holding the steering sensor in position.
  2. Slowly rotate the steering sensor while watching the multi meter until the voltage drops to 0V.
  3. Re tighten the 2 torx screws while still keeping a eye on the multi meter, it may change voltage, if this happens then repeat 22 again.

  1. Using a glue gun fill the area behind the torx screws on the steering sensor.
  2. Reconnect the steering sensor connector, and the battery.
  3. With the car in neutral, start the engine and check the steering. If there is still a problem then repeat the procedure again.
  4. If all is correct then re fit the steering sensor cover, metal relay panel, and the fuse box. Take care not to trap any wires.
  5. Take the car for a test drive.